Costume Ear Band

Perfect for going as cats or bears on Halloween. If you're tricky, you could make devil horns or butterfly feelers too! Really, the sky's the limit.

You'll need:

Felt -- One sheet in whatever color you need.
Sewing supplies -- Needle, thread, scissors, so forth. I recommend a machine for this one, but whatever makes you happy.
Elastic -- You'll need about 3/4 of an inch. So, not much.

This design is based on the purple head band that comes with the Licorice outfit. It's very simple.

Measure around your doll's head, over the crown and under the chin. Subtract an inch.

Cut two rectangles from the felt about a half inch wide and as long as the measurement we just made up above.

In addition, cut two ear/horn/feeler/whatever you're making shapes. Leave a small tab at the bottom. Cut a slit in this tab.

A better shot of the slit:

In one of the rectangles, cut two slits about an inch or so from the center. They should be ever so slightly smaller than the width of the ears.

Stick the ears into the slits. Pin one tab up and one tab down.

They should stand up on their own.

On the top side (the side where the ears are poking out), straight stitch over each tab as close to the ear slits as you can manage. Remove the pins. The ears should still stick up, but let's give them some more stability. Place the second rectangle underneath the work you just did, and line up the edges. Insert a small piece of elastic into the shorter end.

Top stitch around the edge of the head band, making sure you stitch over the elastic. Sew the elastic to the other side. Stretch it -- if it comes apart, sew it back in!

Go put it on your doll like you'd wear a regular hair scarf. (The bottom will go behind the ears, not under the chin.) It's easiest when your doll is wearing a high pony tail.