So I'm making everyone stuff for Christmas this year. I was all set to make my best friend mittens, when I realized that she's too weird for something like that. She wouldn't use them, so why waste my time?

A muff was more up her alley. I knew it was screwball enough for her tastes, and, most of all, she would use it. I just used the mitten yarn and threw some eyelash in.

However, I couldn't find any muff patterns online. Weird. I made up my own, then. Pics, pics!


I used two skiens of Lionbrand Jiffy and two skiens of Berndat Boa yarn, obviously all in black. You could sub in any eyelash yarn and any bulky weight yarn (this might be really cool in Homespun), but you have three strads of yarn, one eyelash yarn and two bulky, going at any given time. (I used Jiffy because I had it, but it makes a nice effect. I also used boa because it was cheaper than fun fur, but it makes a nice 'real fake fur' effect.) Also, P hook.


This is worked with three strands of yarn on your hook at all time. Take a strand from one ball of Jiffy, a strand from the other ball of Jiffy, and one strand of Boa , tie them together on your hook and treat them as once.

Chain 46. Work 15 sc rows blo. You'll wind up with a rectangle, sl st one long end to the other.

Now you have a huge tube, right? Turn the tube inside out, but only half way so that the ends meet. Think of turning down your socks, it's the same idea. You can weave in ends if you like, or just tuck them in.