I'm really happy you've decided to submit to The Gallery! First, make something using the Bean Stalk Tutorials. (It's okay if you want to make something a little different, just so long as we're sure you've used one of the tutorials on this site.)

Take lots of photographs.

Then, email me the photographs along with this form. Please resize all photographs so that the longest size is 600 pixels. I don't care how many pictures you send, but usually two or three is enough to show your work off.

Here's your form:

Name: (whatever you give will be used on the site)
What tutorial you used:
What your project is called: (ie: Kirsten's pink dress, new pants for Julie ... think of what AG would call the item you made)
Commentary: (what you want to say about your work -- what do you want others to know?)
Optional: email address: (leave this only if you want someone to contact you)

What do you get if you submit?

Your submission will get its own page in the gallery just like at the Sewing Table. You can link it to friends, family, show it off at Plaything's Art Class or AG>18's Crafty Thursday, or just feel proud that you're on the Internet.

You'll get a small graphic with the Gallery logo, your name and your project name that you can put on your blog, website, in your signature, or just to use to link to your page.

So please! Get cracking, and fill The Gallery up!