After a decade-long doll buying hiatus, Bean brought Jess to the house in the spring of 2006. Kirsten and Sara weren't quite sure what to do with her, but Jess found her own way into everyone's lives.

To say that Jess is active is an understatement. She's forever running, jumping, playing with her soccer ball, or otherwise living faster then the other dolls. Jess is the best climber in the house, and can help the other dolls access areas otherwise avalable only to humans.

Sometimes we can't really be sure if Jess is playing tricks or just being goofy (or worse, if she actually believed Nellie had a baby that one time ... ), but shen she's not busy bothering the life out of Sara, she can be a fantastically steadfast friend.

Jess in her soccer uniform. With her lizard!

Jess looks down at the other dolls from her top bunk.

Jess wearing the coat Bean made her as she wishes Kirsten a good trip.

Jess with Toshi, or, if you prefer, Toshi with Jess.

Jess teaches Nellie to play Worldwide Ultra Super Extra Wide Hardcore National X-Treme High Jump Finals.