Kirsten Ann Larson was the first doll to come to the house over a decade ago, in 1995. As much fun as Bean was, Kirsten was still lonely for a doll companion. When Sara came in 1996, the pair became fast friends that were impossible to seperate.

Kirsten is from 1854. Even so, since she's lived in this decade so long, she has a solid understanding of things like the International Webnet, communicators, Inside Outhouses, and, naturally, Star Trek. She often uses her wisdom to help the other dolls out of jams.

Kirsten is very ... unorthodox? Different? Wild? Unusual? Whatever word you like to use for stark raving mad, everyone who meets her will admit, with some prodding, that Kirsten's experience as the oldest doll in the house will get a doll out of a tight corner.

Kirsten teaches her beloved rag doll, Sari, how to fish.

Dressed up as James T. Kirsten for Halloween, Kirsten discovers what the trouble with tribbles actually is.

Kirsten reassures Sari that she'll be okay when she goes on a trip to Chicago.

Kirsten meets Inky, ag_over_18's official communist.

Kirsten and Sara share tea.