Leaving already? Let me reccomend some of my favorite places .. (PS: If you'd like me to link to your site, mail me!)

My Blog - My very own blog.

Sara's Blog - My doll's blog.

My Crochet Blog

My Digg Page

ag_over_18, greatest doll forum on the Internet.

Ficbitch Anon - Ficbitches ahoy! Lots of them! Some better than mine!

My Backloggery Page - Oh my GOSH this site owns. You can enter in the games you're currently playing and keep them organized, plus see what you need to beat. It's awesome. Let me know if you get an account on this site so I can friend you.

Crochet Pattern Central - Any free pattern you could want is here.

American Girl Playthings Forum - Another awesome American Girl forum.

NetVibes - This site really helps keep me organized.

The Something Awful Forums

My ImageStation Albums - For all your doll story needs.

I Can Has Cheezburger? - I just really like this site. :-P I think everyone does ...

The Comics Curmudgeon - Someone's gotta take the wind out of newspaper comics.

Go Nintendo - I subscribe to this RSS feed. Updaded very frequently.

Penny Arcade - One of my favorite web comic sites.

Achewood - My very FAVORITE web comic site!

Riordon's Page - The daughter of a good friend of mine.

Spenecial*Com - My dear friend Nethilia's site. It's really big and neat.

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