Welcome to the SIXTH annual Little Miss Playthingscontest!

Sixth annual? Did I lose my mind?

What is this?

Little Miss Playthings is a photo-taking contest named after the American Girl Playthings forum. Want to enter? Awesome, keep reading.

How Do I Play?

1. Read the ENTIRETY of the rules.

2. Use the Entry Management Console to create a profile for yourself and enter your doll. (All email entries will be deleted!)

3. Start taking pictures! You will take one photo for each of the five categories (you'll find a list below).

4. Have each entry in by the day it is due. You can turn it in earlier then that, certainly, but DON'T TURN IT IN LATER!

After that, the system post the pictures and people from all around the Internet will vote on which picture they like best!

What Did You Just Say? Entry Management What Now?

You heard. The contest is automated this year. You will be using the EntryManagement Console for all your LMPT needs.

If you are using the console for the first time, I reccomend some light reading to thetune of the tutorial for the console.

VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The system can potentially break if you upload a picture that is totally huge. If you get a white error message screen, your picture did not upload. You need to resize and try again. It's also very important to know that the girl from New Mexico goes riding with the girl from Virginia.

What are the rules?

Here we go, in no particular order:

Classifications?What the snap?

There are two classes -- one for participants over 18, one for participants under 18 WITH NO ADULT ASSISTANCE. Both classifications will compete separately. Every voter will be able to award points in both classifications.

The over 18 category will be for people competing for the title of Little Miss Playthings. The under 18 category will be for Littlest Miss Playthings.

If you are over 18, or you are under 18 and receiving help from someone over 18 (for example, a mother helping her daughter take photos), you must enter the over 18 classification.

If you are under 18 and not receiving any help from anyone over 18, you may opt to enter the under 18 classification. You MUST have a parent or guardian email agplaythings@yahoo.com first, to tell us that you have their parental permission to enter this contest and/or receive prizes (which we'll need a name/address to mail to). Even if you did this last year, we need you to do it again. Ofcourse, you can always opt to enter the over 18 category too.

If you are assisting a child in participating in LMPT, you do NOT need to email permission in for that child. The Playthings mods automatically assume that you have permission.

Failure to get parental permission will result in a disqualification from the contest.

If not enough people enter into the under 18classification, all under 18 entrants will be placed into the over 18 classification.

Both classifications will receive prizes, and both classification's prizes will be of equal value.

What are the rounds?

Two are the same, three are different. Here we go!

Round 1 -- Weather: Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Or is it sunny? Or fly-a-kite windy? This is your chance to show us the effects of weather on your doll! You packed an umbrella, right?

Round 2 -- Contrast: Contrast is important in pictures. You'd do well to start by coming up what to contrast: light and dark, complimentary colors, something else? This is one of those rounds that you can stand out in if you do a great picture, so think hard!

Round 3 -- Out Of This World: There's an entire galaxy out there! Your doll might visit some stars, or just look at them in the back yard. Extra points are actually not awarded for constructing a full space suit.

Round 4 -- Solo: What, weren't you sick ofAbout Me? This photo is show casing what your doll does when she is alone.Good dolls sit and read, other dolls make trouble. IMPORTANT: For this round, you are permitted a maximum of ONE doll (your doll) in the photo and ONE mini doll (AG or equivalent). No one else! If your photo features more dolls then that, it will be REMOVED from the round!

Round 5 -- Anything Goes: This is a picture of your choosing. You might opt to send a photo of your doll in a nice nature setting, or maybe doing something silly. Anything! The sky's the limit!

Of course, these are suggestions meant toget you thinking. You'll do much better if you come up with something wholly original. (Hint: If you work to be very, very original, your photo will stand out from everyone else's, making it easier for you to get votes.)

When is all of this due?

Our calendar:








Remember, you can send a photo in before the due date, but you can't send one in AFTER! All entries are due on their date at Midnight Eastern time!

If this is too much to remember, please mail Little Miss Playthingsto be put on the Google Calendar. (You use Google Calendars, right?)

How do I enter?

You need to use the Entry Management Consoleto enter this year. Directions for using the system are here.

Hey, pay attention. Let me put this in big letters so you don't miss it.

If you don't have your entry form in by the due date, you don't get to play! Period!

If you're under eighteen and you don't have your parental permission in by the due date, you don't get to play! Period!

Don't mess around, kids! Get yourstuff in!

Thank you very much for reading down this far!