How to Vote

Little Miss Playthings voting is designed for the decision-making impared among us. You can pick one photo if you want to, but you don't have to any more!

Each round will be worth a different amount of points. (Each round's page will have the point value written on top of the round's page in big letters, so don't worry about knowing how many points.) You can choose how to award the points to each picture.

For example, if a round is worth fifteen points, you could pick your favorite picture and give that picture all fifteen points.

Or, if you like two pictures and you can't pick, you can give eight points to one picture and seven points to the other.

Or, if this picture is a nice angle, but this one has nice colors, but you like the doll in the third picture, you can award all the pictures five points.

Or, if you like one picture a lot, but you still would like to give a nod to another picture, you can award the first picture twelve points and the second picture three points.

In effect, you get to distribute points and reward pictures any way you want. Figure up how you want to give out points, then email your decision along with your AGPlaythings Username to Little Miss Playthings. Whichever picture gets the most points wins the round.

Because of classifications this year, you will be able to award X amount of points to one classification and Y amount of points to another. You may not award unused points from one classification to another photo in another classification. (For example, if you can award 10 points in the Over Eighteen Category and 5 points in the Under Eighteen Category, you may not award 9 points in one and 6 in the other.)

You cannot award points to yourself.

Anyone who fails to follow the voting rules gets their votes disqualified.