Poor Nellie! First they take her out of the thread factory. Then her parents die. THEN they shove her in a box and keep her locked away in American Girl Place in Chicago over Christmas!

Perhaps the only stroke of good luck Nellie's ever had was the time Bean, Uncle David and Kirsten rescued her from the American Girl Place in January, 2007. Even that was a double edged sword, though, as it meant Nellie had to get used to 21st century life.

Nellie is still learning to navigate this millenium. Sure she gets foiled by webnets, traveling dolls, rabbits ... all right, she gets foiled by everything, ever, but she keeps on trying. As long as she has her trusty doll, Lydia, and a large bow in her hair, Nellie will be okay. Sort of.

Nellie at the end of her tour of the new millenium.

Nellie and Lydia.

Nellie chasing Baxter.

With Kirsten's help, Nellie can dress like a modern doll!