Our Other Friends


Bean is the human of the house, the one that kindly takes care of the other dolls. She typically doesn't appear in albums unless asked very nicely, and then, only from the waist down in classic Muppet Babies style.

Grandma Bean

Grandma Bean is Bean's mother. She often loves to help plan things behind Bean's back, such as Christmas surprises. Also, she has a surprising affinity for Kirsten, and the two will often spend days together for no real reason.

Uncle David

None of the girls are related to each other, so naturally, they don't really share an uncle; however, they really don't have anything else to call Bean's special friend who spends lots of time around her for no real reason. Uncle David collects dolls too, but he insists they're called "action figures". Even if he only barely tolerates doll hugs, he does seem to secretly like Nellie, probably because he helped rescue her. Uncle David usually sleeps through Halloween antics.

Sonali's Human

Sonali doesn't actually live with the other dolls, she's more likely to be found in the apartment above. Sonali's human is something of an enigma, however, we know that she does not like to sew. Baxter

Baxter is Sara's beloved bunny. Sara thinks Baxter is well-behaved. Truthfully, like any rabbit, Baxter isn't happy unless he's either outsmarting something or chewing on it.


Sari is Kirsten's beloved rag doll, which came all the way from 1850s Sweeden. The dolls talk to Sari consistently, but it's not known whether or not Sari can understand or talk back.

Mini Molly

Mini Molly came to the house when Sara did, and has been her favorite doll ever since. She lost her glasses a while back.


Toshi is Jess' steadfast monkey. Also, he happens to be the Worldwide Ultra Super Extra Wide Hardcore National X-Treme High Jump Finals champion.


Lydia is Nellie's doll that she obtained from Samantha in 1904. According to Sara's blog, Lydia is scared of monkeys.


Patty is Ivy's doll. Ivy couldn't believe that Jess found a Barbie that looked Just Like Her on the newfangled typewriter machine!

Captain James T. Kirk

Uncle David got Bean a Kirk doll for Christmas one year. The dolls in the house quickly claimed him as their own. Who wouldn't? It's the greatest captain the Enterprise has ever known!

Shirtless Kirk

From Bean's good friend Jabberwockypie: "Everyone knows Kirk has special powers when he's shirtless."