Sara came to the house Christmas 1996, one full year after Kirsten. Kirsten and Sara lived as the only dolls in the house for ten years, and as such, formed a bond not normally found outside of cheesy buddy movies.

Sara is level headed, logical, and very intelligent ... usually. She has trouble keeping her cool when the other dolls in the house get up to too much silliness. Jess often calls her a nerd and says that Sara puts a cramp on everyone's fun, but she really doesn't mean it. Mostly. Also, Sara enjoys playing her viola (which is not a violin, and don't even try and tell her otherwise), and frequently gives concerts for the other dolls.

Maybe Jess was on to something when she called Sara a nerd though, as she does keep her own blog that you can read here. It's updated regularly, or at least when she remembers.

Some people might know Sara as a natural redhead (or AGOT #17 for any collectors out there). That's all well and good, but if you were to ask, she'd tell you she was a natural blue head.

Sara dressed as McCoy for Halloween.

Here, we find Sara decorating the Christmas tree.

Sara with three of the doll's dolls -- Sari, Mini Kirsten, and James T. Kirk.

Kirsten made Sara a teddy vulcan for her birthday. Naturally, she named it T'Bear.

Sara makes a fantastic roadie for Bean's band.