This is a perfectly idiot proof project, plus a good way to use up scrap yarn. Hey, make them a little bigger and they're human scrunchies!

You'll need:

Cloth -- Whatever you want.
Elastic Sewing Supplies -- Needle, thread, scissors.

Before we start, scrunchie making isn't rocket surgery. If you can get somewhere within the ballpark of almost halfway getting the right measurements, you're perfect.

Cut a rectangle somewhere between 8 and 12 inches long and about 1.5 inches wide-ish. Cut squiggly? Cut crooked? Doesn't matter. Keep in mind that the more cloth you use, the puffier your scrunchie is.

Press the short ends inward.

Fold it like a hot dog and stitch it down.

Turn it inside out.

I'm fairly sure we got introduced to the bodkin in the pants tutorial. Cut a piece of elastic half as long as your cloth, stick a pin in one end, clip the bodkin on the other, and run it through the scrunchie. (You can, naturally, sub in the bodkin for a safety pin, but I'd really reccomend grabbing a bodkin.) Pin the ends of the elastic to the ends of the scrunchie.

Sew both ends together. Stretch the scrunchie. If the elastic doesn't slip out of the seam, you're done!