Swishy Knit Skirt

Honestly? This is just a tiny variation on the gathered skirt with waistband. There's some differences, though. I mostly came up with this by horsing around.

You'll need:

KNIT Cloth -- You can make this with cotton, but why? It won't lay the same, and anyway you might as well just make the waistband skirt. Use knit.
Sewing supplies -- Thread, needle, scissors, machine if you want it.

A warning before we start: knit cloth? Is ORNERY.

Cut two rectangles. One should be about an inch long and the exact length of your doll's waist measurement. (Remember, knit stretches.) The other rectangle should be at least 1.5 times the length of your doll's waist by TWICE as long as however long you want the skirt.

Fold the longer rectangle in half, like a hot dog. Pin it.

Gather it up to the length of the smaller rectangle.

Press the waist band like an unfinished waist band, and then sandwich the skirt in it. This will be really tricky, because of the knitness of the cloth. :-P Make sure you don't leave any raw edges!

Sew the skirt along the edge of the waist band. If your machine has a stretch stitch, use it.

Now, see that big raw edge? Pin it together, then sew it down.

You're done! Very easy, right?