Felt Tassel Hat

This is quick and easy. Make it up in wild colors.

You'll need:

Felt -- One sheet will do fine.
Ribbons, Yarn, Cloth Scraps -- Anything to make tassels.
Sewing Supplies -- Needle, thread (you might consider contrasting thread), scissors.

Measure around your doll's head, divide by two and add one. This is the width measurement of what we're making.

Measure from the crown of your doll's head down to where the hat should fall. Add two. This is the length.

Cut two squares of felt that are as wide as the first measurement and as long as the second measurement. I had good luck with two squares seven inches by six inches.

Take your yarn/ribbons/whatever, and cut a few pieces. Obviously, cut a lot for big tassels and a few for small ones. Feel free to make them whatever length you like. Make two tassels. To make it easier, tie a knot on the end of each tassel.

Position each tassel at an adjacent corner (probably on the longer edge of the squares), jutting out diagonally like shown.

Place one square on top of the other, lining up the edges. Stitch the squares up, starting on a corner that doesn't have a tassel. Stitch to one tassel, to the other tassel, then back down. Keep the bottom open.

Felt seems to like it when you use the blanket stitch. It holds together well.

You should wind up with this:

Notice my tassels coming out the corner? You can stitch them in, or if you make the hole in the corner small enough, the knot will keep them in.

Turn the bottom edge up, like a cuff.

Place on a doll.