I love keeping stuff going on Livejournal. Here's the areas I have my hands in the most.


The most important place to visit is my main blog, where you can get up-to-the minute updates of stuff that's going on, not to mention doll pictures and angry diatribes.

I update Bean Crochets once in a blue moon, but it's worth a poke.

You might also find my doll's blog entertaining. Her name is Sara Conner, and she posts probably about as much goofball stuff as I do.


I'm a mod at ficbitch_anon, a place where we readily take the piss out of bad fanfic. You can find all my ficbitches archived on this site.

I also mod our_dolls_snark, a community for dolls to come together and talk. No, really. Yes, that is some fantastic stuff I've been smoking.

I also mod ag_over_18. Go there! Best AG community ever!

You will also love Daily Doll!