Amelia's Tunic by Becca Stareyes

Becca Stareyes made this outfit using the pattern piece H tutorial.

A tunic I made for my doll Amelia, based on the character of Amelia from the anime Slayers (or a younger version, at least). The shirt was made using the Doll's Dressmaker patterns and the tutorial Bean has on her site. I used bias tape for the trim, and purchased trim around the yoke. The shirt seals by velcro in the back, and has hook-and-eyes on the sleeves to give them enough give to get hands through them. I tied the shirt at the waist with one of Josefina's sashes, but plan on making a belt. One of these days.

Three lessons learned:
1. Sew trim on before sewing pieces together/hemming. Doing it the other way means having to hem the trim.
2. When sewing velcro with the needle reserved for leather and denim and other fun things like that, keep your thumb out of the way (or buy a thimble).
3. There was a third one... I'll remember it later. Oh, yeah, check to make sure you sew the trim to the bottom, instead of sewing it to itself.

There's some loose threads, but not a bad project.