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LOL, thanks for the cookie!!

Well there's still one thing you have to fix...
Just kidding!! Now it's perfect.

Well I don't think things are rushed between Link and Serenity, i think you can like a boy/girl the first night, at least so far to kiss him/her and now they have a whole LONG journey together to know each other better so this first attraction could develop into true love.

PS: you see? I'm really retarded. I told you how to review but didn't realise that if you were reading that was because you had yet found how to read the reviews :P, how stupid of me!!

That one was from Gannondorfson, the guy she keeps wanking in her author's notes. I can think of a few things to fix.

AWESOME story so far!! I REALLY like it!! Ooh, Link & Alex kissed! *giggles* LoL!! Anyway, I am now continuing on w/the other chapters... ^_^

I cannot figure out who Alex is. Did Serenity have a different name before? Either way, OMGKISSOMGWTFBBQ.

GREAT chapters!! Link IS a sweetie, isn't he?! (And *coughs*ahottie*coughs* LOL!!) I'm a night person, too! That's when I write my stories and read other people's stories (ALL the time!) 'till like, 3am!! Hehe!! Jeez, I have no life! LoL! ANYWAY, PLEASE continue!! ^_^

No life? Agreed.