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. . . . well that sure was different. . . .BUT DIFFERENT IS GOOD!XD

I know it's my job to comment, but no comment.

Wow, this took me a while. XD

Sweet fic so far, update soon!

Took you a while ... to read?'s word count reads 1113 words. I mean, jeez, that's one of the reasons I picked this thing.

Hm... You know, this really isn't so bad! I like it!...
I Like anything with chaos and Kos-mos! The only character
I don't like is Nephilim. *scowls* I hate her so much! uh...
never mind... You can continue this if you like!

Yes it is so bad. Why do you think the review box is to review the GAME and not the FIC? Anyway, the fact that you don't like Nephilim is pretty telling, since she's the one who does all the mysteeeeerious symbolism stuff.

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