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Okay the story has a good bases, just a few problems.

The curssing was pretty excessive and the story would have gone much better without it.

A bit confusing to read from repititious word usage.

Some parts were really good while others (mainly those with caracters talking about their feelings) were somewhat corny.

And there was no rape scene. Mentioning a rape and going through all that happened are two VERY different things.

Oh and PLEASE never use that "Ganondork" like again. I don't see why people still use that stupid pun (not saying you're stupid it just dosen't fit the quality of the story.)

I know this look like a bunch of complaints, but hey, I must admit, even with all that your story was good enough for me to be courious about the end. And for me that's VERY good so congrats, plz continue ^_^

Okay, this reviewer has some dead-on stuff ("Ganondork"), but I don't think I remember ONE swear word in this story. Also, I love how pissed they seem that there wasn't rape. "Damnit, if you're gonna say rape, I WANT FREAKING RAPE IN MY FIC RAAWR RAPE plzkthx ^_^"

That was good y dont u add on to it and make it better!


...well, i'm happy to know that your perfectly sane. I had a dream just the other night where i was Link and we were running around Hyrule feild then a monster started chasing us and Link pulled out a machine gun and then ran off at the speed of light and then i fell off a 10,0 foot cliff and then woke up cause I fell off my bed.

Awesome. How the hell much Zelda do these people play?



nice fic though, but i've written longer ones than this. It doesnt even fit my standard of pages.

"My fanfic penis is TOTALLY longer than your fanfic penis."

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