Jeff: This again?
Analyn: It's our civic duty.

Well I have finnaly got some inspiration.

Analyn: Inspiration? Seriously, was the last one inspired at all?
Analyn: Yeah. By her libido.

Oh and Lostsoul01, Thanks for the reiveiw! I'm glad you liked it! = )

All: Somebody has to.

Well here is chapter 2 of "The Love That Almost Wasn't"! Enjoy!

Jeff: We will. The question is, do you want us to?

Chapter 2: Captured

Analyn: Oh, perhaps we'll start reading a chemistry fic? With electrons and such?

Kota and Taria didn't talk much for the next few hours.

Eddie: "Talk is cheap. I want your body!"

Toria was to tired

Jeff: Who's Toria?
Analyn: Toria was to tired as what is to what?

and Kota was just not in the mood.

Analyn: He wasn't in his love mood?

After a bit they past another caravan.

Eddie: Time travel? Awesome!
Jeff: Good, maybe Christopher Lloyd will show up. We've already done a Taxi reference, so it all fits together.

It consisted of four yukes, they were obviously from Shelia.

Analyn: Oh. Obviously.
Jeff: Wait. Did this fanfic just call us stupid?

"Hello fellow caravaners!" They greeted. "How is your journey going?"

Eddie: "Sexfuly!"
Analyn: They've traveled thirty yards at most. How should they know? Can you even call it a journey yet?

"Oh, we just started out." Kota replied.

"Really, well heres some advice,

All: Speel chek!

speed through this area, there are evil creatures about."

Jeff: Robotic Richard Simmons, noooo!
Eddie: They've got weapons and stuff, right? Why would they be afraid of monsters?
Jeff: Well, they were selected for their amazing fighting abilities -- oh wait, no they weren't!

The caravan of yukes

continued onward.

Analyn: [Kota] Um, goodbye, or ... ?
Eddie: "Yoink!"

"They were nice, unlike you." Taria stated.

Jeff: [Kota] Well, sorry for saving you, princess.

"What was that?"

Eddie: [whines] If she repeats it, we get another angry sex scene, don't we?!
Jeff: "Go slower!"
Analyn: "Whaaat ... doooooes ... aaaa ... yellooooow ... liiight ..."

"Nothing." She said smirking.

They continued down the road still not talking.

Analyn: [Author] You know what? I don't really feel like dialogue today.
Eddie: [sings] On the road again ...
Jeff: Well, to be fair, Taria can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, apparently.

They wer unaware

Jeff: Of a dictionary, I'm guessing.

that something was watching.

All: [singing] Someone to WATCH over me ... !

A goblin jumped from behind

Analyn: Seriously, author. We've seen your work, we don't trust you. You've got goblins "jumping from behind" now?! What kind of freakish pervert wants to see this stuff?!
Jeff: One word. Mpreg.
Analyn: ... why is there pain in the world?!

a rock. It jumped in the wagon and stole a large bag of food before Kota and Taria could stop it.

Eddie: Ooo, fun and exciting scene we've got here!
Jeff: I see the village elder also picked these two for their outstanding competence, too.

Taria turned to Kota.

Analyn: [Tarina] So. Who was that Toria chick, earlier?

"You let it get away!"

Jeff: [Taria] Which is exactly why I'm standing here yelling at you instead of chasing it!

"Me? You were closer!"

Analyn: Why is he arguing? Her statement is technically true. Her relative proximity to the goblin does not change the fact that he let it get away ...

"You expect a lady to go out and catch it?"

"No, I expect you!"

All: OOOH!
Eddie: Burn!
Analyn: Wow, that hurt! What an original line, too!
Jeff: Oh no he di'n't!

At that Taria snapped,

Eddie: Oh, snap!
Jeff: You go, girl!
Analyn: JER-RY, JER-RY...

she jumped on Kota.

Jeff: Man sakes alive, she is insatiable!

but he dodged.

Analyn: No! No! Bad fanfic! No creepy icky rape scene! No!

"I thought selkies were supposed to be known for there speed!"

Eddie: [Tarina] Oh, I didn't bring my good heroin on this trip -- oh, that's not what you meant, is it.

"Speed, I'll show you speed!"

Analyn: Okay, so Taria's a horny drug pusher. Whatever. Sure, okay.

They continued to fight until they fell from the wagon,

Eddie: What?! No!
Jeff: They're like rabbits! Seriously!
Analyn: Can this fic get worse?

luckely the chalice fell with them.

[all scream]
Analyn: Oh, God! Help us, please! It can, it can!
Eddie: They're gonna have sex with the chalice, aren't they?
Jeff: They'll drizzle the myrrh over each other, gently, using it as some sort of bizarre aphrodisiac ...
Analyn: EWWWW, just ewww.

But they soon realised what

the yukes ment by speed through, for no sooner had they fallen out they were surounded by goblins!

Jeff: ... orgy?
Eddie: ... bestiality?
Analyn: ... gang rape?
Jeff: Why are there no laws against this fic?

"Oh no!"

All: Mr. Bill!

Kota whispered.

Eddie: Kota, at this point, it's perfectly acceptable to scream at the top of your lungs. Try it. "OH, NO!"

The goblins grabed them,

Jeff: ... by the ghoolies.
Analyn: Man, I thought Fei being "baptized" in that back alley was bad.

there weapons,

Eddie: [upset] Analyn, they did mean weapon, right?
Analyn: I can only hope.
Eddie: Like sword and stuff?
Jeff: I hope they didn't mean Kota's fleshy meat saber, anyway.
Analyn: Or Kota's now unloaded weapon.
Jeff: Seriously, Annie, this fic causes enough pain, don't you start too.

the chalice, and the wagon and left the road.

Analyn: Wait, wouldn't that leave our two insipid heroes to choke and die?

Well what do you think?

Jeff: I think you have some sexual deviancy issues to work through with a trained psychologist.

Please reiveiw, or I will be forced to...Not continue, MUHAHAHAHAAA!

Eddie: Why is this bad?
Jeff: Shhh! Maybe she won't hear us, and --
Analyn: There IS a whole other chapter...
Jeff: Rats.

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